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Sapporo Vietnam Ltd. was established as a joint venture between Sapporo Holdings Limited of Japan and the Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba) in February 2010

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Why Sapporo?

Inheriting the history of more than 130 years of the Sapporo brand
with its top quality, Sapporo Vietnam Ltd. was established as a joint
venture between Sapporo Holdings Limited of Japan and the Vietnam
National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba) in February 2010. Proud to be
the first Japanese beer brand officially launched in the Vietnamese
market, we are glad to offer Sapporo Premium Beer with the highest
quality to consumers.

Sapporo Group has stated that Vietnam is the most important market in
Southeast Asia and we, Sapporo Vietnam Ltd. will constantly spend all
our efforts to grow together with Vietnam, and to bring Sapporo brand
closer to every consumer.

At Sapporo, we are not only passionate about out-of-the-box
innovations but also share the pleasurable and happy moments of success
within your hands.

That is what SAPPORO PREMIUM BEER, as a premium beer brand, is meant to be in Vietnam.

There is a growing demand from consumers for healthy, safe and
satisfying products from year to year. None of these demands can be met
without high-quality ingredients, reliable growers and advanced
management systems.

is mainly made from barley and hops. The quality of ingredients
directly affects the taste of beer. Since its establishment, Sapporo
Breweries has been storing up unique technical know-how and pursuing
finer ingredients and quality. In the 1970s, hop-yards in the Czech
Republic were in critical condition due to a virus, but Sapporo
Breweries’ virus-free hops eased the crisis. “Haruna Nijo” Barley which
has been developed by Sapporo Breweries and described as “Miracle
Barley,” is still used as the world’s highest-grade mother plant in the
next 20 years. Our products focus on a variety of world-class
technologies and expertise that has long accumulated throughout our

Furthermore, Sapporo Breweries completed the “Collaborative Contract
Farming System” for barley and hops in early 2006. Sapporo Breweries’
experts with ingredients called "Field Men" tackle the project by
directly visiting production farms around the world and growing barley
and hop in collaboration with farmers from the farming process in order
to provide our customers “good taste” as well as “safety and
satisfaction.” By selecting fields carefully and utilizing only safe and
high-quality ingredients, Sapporo Breweries pursues to make more
satisfying beer. Our distinctive approach towards our products continues
to please consumers.

Located in Viet Hoa-Duc Hoa Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District, Long
An Province, Sapporo Vietnam Brewery is proud to be one of the breweries
with the state-of-the-art brewing facilities.

Built on an area of 6.5 hectares, Sapporo Vietnam Brewery officially
started operation in late 2011, and has a production capacity of 40
million liters per year in the first phase, 100 million liters per year
in the second phase (2015) and up to 150 million liters per year during
the third phase (2019).

The outstanding flavor of Sapporo Premium Beer is meticulously made
from the blend of the finest ingredients, highly-selected yeast,
advanced production skills, and one-of-its-kind technologies along with
the stringent quality control systemin every step of the brewing

Sapporo Vietnam Long An Brewery produces Sapporo Premium Beer in
330ml bottles and cans, 650ml silver cans and 20 liter beer kegs.

To produce the delicious, safe and reliable beer, we strictly apply the quality control standards from Japan.

We are committed to bringing the best-quality Sapporo Premium beer to
our customers by promoting our valuable traditions and experiences over
the long history of 130 years in Japan.

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